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Let the force of water carry you through the tunnels of these two slides, where you see little but experience so much! After diving into the waterfall you will find that bravery is a opiate and in Aquapark Nessebar there are so many challenges through which you can put yours to the test time and again!

The shortest of the 3 race tracks in Aquapark Nessebar is a wonderful start for families and friends who are yet to muster their courage for more intense experiences or who just prefer something a little less extreme. But do not think it will be too easy! The slope is big enough to make your heart leap 😉

This spiral of emotions is especially designed for the lovers of high-speed of all ages. With 9 metres per second it will take you to the foundation of the amazing experience called Aquapark Nessebar.

Are you ready for a dose of a head-spinning emotions? Jump bravely into the whirlpool and while your body is sliding along its curves your soul will be flying! Yield to the force, delve into the emotion and resurface, totally ready for new adventures!

Pleasure is at its highest along the curves of this slide and they gradually make you pick up speed while everything around you disappears and only the sublime feeling of acceleration beyond the limits of the possible remains!