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Leave your earthly senses at the threshold of this tunnel. The darkness inside hides surprises, the play of lights tells stories about the birth and death of stars, and the experience is space-like. Take a tour through time and space and arrive… different at the other side!

Descend rapidly along the curves of this amazing water slalom and hold tight because 146 metres of abrupt ascents and descents await you; they will make your pulse race and your heart – leap along with your water slide tube 😉

Larger than life and mighty as a force of nature, this slide will take you down to the abyss of pure adrenaline. It will leave you breathless and then shoot you upwards: above all that is familiar, above routine, above anything that you have ever experienced. And straight to the top of summer.

Let the others drift on with the current! Here, in the only surf simulator in Bulgaria, you shall proudly stand, riding the wave of pure pleasure. It does not matter whether you are experienced surfers or beginner enthusiasts! The only thing that matters is courage. And you also have to be taller than 1.30 😉

For all those who want to feel free from the restrictions of the laws of physics, at the heart of Aquapark Nessebar two springboards stand, one at 2.10 metres and another – at 3.60 meters. Hold your breath and get ready to experience the flight of the bird and the magnificent jump of the dolphin in the weightlessness of the 4.5-meters deep jumping pool!

Are you ready for a drop at a speed that turns wind whisper into a roar and makes your heart pound? Feel free as never before in this wild flight of spirit beyond the limitations of your body and up to the limits of the possible!

This extreme slide is one of the greatest challenges of Aquapark Nessebar. It will amaze you with a series of high-speed slides and after them you will have to wait for your feet to stop trembling and for your heart rate to normalize … before you ask for more!

Embark on this lightning-speed ride amidst galactic darkness. Slide along the curves of spiral-shaped galaxies. Fly at the speed of light down the longest slide in Europe: 250 metres! Indulge in this incredible experience, shining like a supernova and stunning as the universe.

At this super speed racing track the victory comes before the start. Because if you dare to go head first, you have conquered every fear. You start at a frantic speed outdoors, you shoot through a tunnel and reach… beyond anything words can describe.

There are two of them. They are unique for Bulgaria. They are stunning. At the beginning you only hear your heartbeat in the closed cabin. 3, 2, 1 … the hatchet opens abruptly and you start dropping down a tunnel of light with crazy curves at frantic speed, and at the end all you can say is: WOW!!!!!