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3… 2… 1… START! Who will be first in the most exciting race? Actually this does not matter because the emotion of the speedy descent is such a powerful engine that both winners and losers are always ready to try again;) And again. And again!

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable quest into the heart of the crater? It all starts with a lightning-speed tunnel and continues into a large open funnel, swirling you like a force of nature! Here the emotions are tense and satisfaction is complete!

It will carry you on the waves of pure joy. Something new, exciting and surprising is awaiting behind each and every curve! Share the joy with you children, friends and beloved people thus making the experience doubly beautiful!

The beautiful facade of the Zebra hides an equally beautiful an experience, full of contrasts between light and darkness. Hold on to your water slide tube tightly because breathtaking curves are awaiting and each of them takes you deeper and deeper into complete satisfaction!

The two Air Abysses have been designed to play with your senses in the most exciting way imaginable. The descent through the tunnels ends with a surprising leap and water landing in the deep pool, which, we are certain, you will want to repeat!

You dash along the tunnel of storm bravely and blindly. You are accelerating extremely fast… and suddenly you find yourself out in the open. The time changes its run… and after a moment of imaginary peace and quiet the storms envelops you again submerging you in a whirlpool of emotions!

Sliding down for more than ten meters is an electrifying experience – and this is an understatement – ending with a complete adrenaline rush. Experience the Lightning and it will surely charge you with both the courage and the desire to meet even greater challenges.