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In the first of our two children’s pools designed and constructed in compliance with the most stringent safety standard, our youngest guests are on their own ground! Here there is everything that children adore: Rainbow Multislide, where they can slide with friends or mom and dad, two brightly-coloured water slides, Water Mushroom and, of course, cute animal-shaped slides! And in the centre of all this the Children’s Castle stands, thus unequivocally stating: Here is the Kingdom of childhood!

Children’s pool (35 to 85 cm deep)
Rainbow Multislide
Green Slide
Orange Slide
Octopus Megaslide
Dragon Slide
Bunny Slide
Water Mushroom

It is not necessary to be tall to have courage and it is absolutely not fair that the funniest things are prohibited for children, isn’t that right? This is why on this unique island, which is part of our newest attractions, brave kids will find replicas of our coolest slides for adults designed especially for children. Actually here it is much more fun than any adult area because apart from the seven great children’s slides there are treasures which you can only find in Aquapark Nessebar: the special facilities for water play!

Kids’ Pool, 25 cm deep
Mini Black Hole – 3 waterslides
Aladdin’s Lamp
Mini Tornado
Mini Crazy race – 2 tracks
Mini Rafting Slide