Important information:
Gazebo prices depend on the selected menu and do not include the entry fee to Aquapark Nessebar. Payment deadline is 3 working days from the date of booking. In case the payment has not been received by the specified deadline the booking shall be automatically cancelled.

Each gazebo is for a maximum of 8 people and its rent includes:
– Drinks and antipasti for 8 in accordance with the selected menu;
– Use of gazebo for the whole working day of the Aquapark;
– Waiter service.

The price does not include:
– Entry to Aquapark Nessebar;
– Food and drinks not included in the menu;
– Additional services (massages, fish peeling, safe deposit box/locker, photographic services, etc.);
– Merchandise from the souvenir shop.

Terms and conditions for use:
1. The rent DOES NOT INCLUDE the entry fee for Aquapark Nessebar.
2. Gazebos are rented only online and the payment is only by debit card or by credit card.
3. Gazebo can be rented only in case of availability.
4. Orders and payment of the rental price for the gazebos can be made not later than 12:00 at midnight on the previous day.
5. Renting a gazebo goes with selecting a menu from those offered.
6. Renting gazebos does not depend on the type of the entry ticket/pass, nor does it depend on where it has been purchased from.
7. Renting a gazebo DOES NOT provide advantages before the other visitors when using the slides and facilities, the bars and the fast food restaurants on the territory of the Aquapark.
8. The waiter shall only serve on the territory of the Mediterranean bar and may not be used for ordering food from the fast food restaurants.
9. The selection of beverages, when there is one in the menus, is made on the spot after entering and occupying the gazebo.
10. In order for you to use all additional services not included in the package price, an additional deposit has to be made into the bracelet with which you enter the Aquapark.

Security and cancellation:
1. Aquapark Nessebar shall not be liable for, shall not refund money and shall not provide access in case of a lost pass or in case of failure to provide the unique code.
2. For using a Weekly Pass no amounts shall be refunded, nor shall access be provided in case of lost visitation checks.
3. In case of unfavourable weather conditions the Aquapark retains the right to restrict the access to some or all facilities without being liable with compensations or refunding money for passes already purchased.
4. An employee of Aquapark Nessebar can demand an ID to verify the identity and the age of the user.
5. Passes can be cancelled within 48 (forty-eight) hours starting from the date of payment, with a message to the following e-mail address: and a call on the following telephone: +359 88 680 8039.
6. Minors under 14 years of age and those between 14 and 18 years of age visiting Aquapark Nessebar have to mandatorily be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other people who have attained the age of majority, who will look after the child properly.
7. By purchasing the pass you declare that you are familiar with and that you agree to observe the rules of Aquapark Nessebar.