Individual passes – WEEKLY

Important information:
All passes for Aquapark Nessebar sold online are with discount included. The types of passes sold online are not offered at the cash desks of Aquapark Nessebar. The prices depend on the age, height and number of visitors. Height is checked on the spot and in case inconsistencies are ascertained the difference is paid at the entrance of Aquapark Nessebar in accordance with cash desk prices and not in accordance with online prices. You can see the cash desk prices Here.
The passes purchased online have to be handed to the employees of Aquapark Nessebar on paper or electronically.

The last working day for the 2022 season is 15.09.

The price includes:
– Entry to Aquapark Nessebar 5 visits for a whole day within 10 calendar days, starting from the day of the first visit;
– Poolside chairs and umbrellas (in accordance with availability);
– Shows, events, concerts and DJ parties;
– Free-of-charge parking lot (120 parking spaces);
– Transport to and from: Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, Nessebar, Ravda (please see map);
– Showers, changing rooms and WC (with access for the disabled);
– Babies changing units;
– Medical station for first aid.


Additional payment for services on the territory of Aquapark Nessebar for the following optional services:
– Food and beverages;
– Safe deposit box: 7 BGN + Deposit: 5 BGN per key (to be returned after vacating the safe deposit box);
– Locker: 5 BGN + Deposit: 5 BGN per key (to be returned after vacating the locker);
– Professional massages;
– Natural fish peeling;
– Products from our souvenir shop: it offers souvenirs, T-shirts, beach towels, swimsuits and swimming trunks, sun protection creams, ladies accessories, inflatable children’s armbands, swim diapers;
– Photo services;
– Transport from/to Pomorie: 10 BGN per person in both directions (payable on the bus, see timetable);


Terms and conditions:
1. Purchasing a pass:
All specified types of passes and the respective prices are valid only for online purchase and are not offered for sale at the cash desks of Aquapark Nessebar.
2. Validity and period of use:
The passes are not with a fixed date for visit and are valid for use throughout the Summer 2022 season (30.05.22 – 15.09.22), according to the respective terms of the pass.
3. Family passes:
These are valid only for group visits of adults and children who are directly related (children and their parents or grandparents/adult siblings authorized to look after the children).
4. Additional payment on the spot:
From the point of view of safety and security during the use of the facilities, all ticket prices are on the basis of height and/or age of the visitors. The children’s height is checked on the spot and in case differences are ascertained an additional payment is made up to the respective price – on the spot and in accordance with cash desk prices;
5. Passes purchased online have to be provided to the employees of Aquapark Nessebar on paper or electronically.


Security and cancellation:
1. Aquapark Nessebar shall not be liable for, shall not refund money and shall not provide access in case of a lost pass or in case of failure to provide the unique code.
2. For using a Weekly Pass no amounts shall be refunded, nor shall access be provided in case of lost visitation checks.
3. In case of unfavourable weather conditions the Aquapark retains the right to restrict the access to some or all facilities without being liable with compensations or refunding money for passes already purchased.
4. An employee of Aquapark Nessebar can demand an ID to verify the identity and the age of the user.
5. Passes can be cancelled within 48 (forty-eight) hours starting from the date of payment, with a message to the following e-mail address: and a call on the following telephone: +359 88 680 8039.
6. Minors under 14 years of age and those between 14 and 18 years of age visiting Aquapark Nessebar have to mandatorily be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other people who have attained the age of majority, who will look after the child properly.
7. By purchasing the pass you declare that you are familiar with and that you agree to observe the rules of Aquapark Nessebar.