Food & Drinks

We know that with so many wonders to experience and attractions to try out, energy is your most precious resource! This is why in Aquapark Nessebar you will find many magic nooks and crannies, where you can recharge. The food corners offers an enormous variety of delicious meals, and as of the drinks: we have a total of 5 bars, each one with a unique idea and concept. The most outstanding of them is the famous Pool Bar, located in our largest and most beautiful butterfly-shaped pool.

Relaxing with a cocktail in your hand and up to your waist in the water is great, and this is just an understatement. This is why the Pool Bar is the favourite place of thousands of guests and one of the many reasons why the fame of Aquapark Nessebar reaches from Sunny Beach all the way to London.
Located at the spa pool, in the quietest and most tranquil spot of Aquapark Nessebar, it is the perfect choice whenever you want to be far away from noise and turbulent emotions and immerse yourself into Mediterranean timelessness.
We dedicate a great portion of our energy, love and care to natural vegetation, which makes Aquapark Nessebar a very special place. You find islets of it everywhere in the park but the two most strategic places, from where you can fully take it in, are our two cocktail bars.
Here bottles of rum (and not only) are abundant, the good mood is endless as the ocean, and the music springs from the treasury of our master baristas. Have fun worthy of true sea wolves and masters of the seven seas!
We know that water, emotions and conquering the heights of our 6 towers can make you ravenous 🙂 This is why we have taken care to provide you with an extensive selection of delicious dishes for every diet and every taste.