Services included in the entry fee

Poolside chairs and umbrellas

Poolside chairs and umbrellas on the territory of Aquapark Nessebar are free of charge but please take into account that purchasing a pass does not guarantee a reservation of a poolside chair or an umbrella, if all available ones have been taken before your arrival!

Shows, events, concerts and DJ parties

At the heart of Aquapark Nessebar, at the Butterfly Pool, there is the stage – a real pirate ship. Here you can enjoy our daily shows.

Free-of-charge parking lot

For our guests we provide free-of-charge parking lot with 120 spaces.

Shuttle service from and to Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, Nessebar, Ravda:

We provide free-of-charge, convenient and regular shuttle from and to the major resorts along the south Black Sea coast. Only the transport from and to Pomorie is at the price of 10 BGN per person. You can see the timetable and the map of the bus stops HERE.

Showers, changing rooms and WC

Showers, changing rooms and sanitary facilities are at the disposal of all our guests and these are in compliance with the international standards for access for people with disabilities. There are babies’ changing units at the disposal of the parents.

Medical station for first aid

Our medical personnel are trained, qualified, experienced and ever ready to respond in case of need.

Services for extra charge (optional)

Renting a safe deposit box

On the territory of Aquapark Nessebar all payments are made through the water resistant bracelet, which you will receive at the entrance, so you will not need cash. For the maximum security of your money and valuables we recommend that you rent a safe deposit box where you can keep them untill you leave the Aquapark. The rental price for a safe deposit box is 7 BGN and for each key for this safe deposit box you are to leave a deposit of 5 BGN. The deposit is refunded to you when you free the safe deposit box.

Renting a locker

The rental price for a locker is 5 BGN. For each key for the locker a deposit of 5 BGN is due and it is refundable when you empty the locker.

Hand massages

Our professional masseurs and masseuses are at your service in order to help you relieve stress, tension and fatigue and feel once again full of strength, energy and enthusiasm.

Fish Spa

The Garra Rufa fish are among our most conscientious employees; the natural peeling that they provide will tickle you gently while giving your feet healthy and beautiful appearance.

Souvenir shop

Our shop offers souvenirs, T-shirts, beach towels, swimsuits, swimming trunks, sun protection creams, ladies accessories, inflatable children’s armbands, swim diapers and other useful goods.

Photographic services

Photos are taken and paid in cash or by card on the spot, on the day of your visit. Digital files with photos, as well as printed ones, are kept for a period of 14 days after they are taken, after which they are destroyed. If you wish, you can leave your photos in the studio and purchase them on a day convenient for you. For more information, you can contact the studio at
Please send an inquiry to the specified e-mail address and an employee of the studio will reply within a week.

Transport from/to Pomorie

The shuttle from and to the furthest resort Pomorie is the only one payable additionally. The price per person is a total of 10 BGN for both directions.


You can pay for your entry pass in cash or by debit/credit card. However, on the territory of the Aquapark the only instrument for payment is your water-resistent bracelet, which provides you with access to the facilities. It serves as a deposit card and you can deposit sums of your choice into it.
After that you can use it to pay for all extra services (food and beverages, safe deposit boxes, lockers, etc.)

You can check the sums available in the bracelet at any time at the main entrance monitor. You can deposit further amounts at any time, if the sum in it has been spent.

The bracelets are water resistant and must not be removed throughout the whole stay. A fine of 20 BGN is due for a lost or damaged bracelet.
Further sums can be put into the bracelets at the Deposit Cash Desks (in cash or by credit/debit card). If you have not spent the entire amount, the remaining sum will be refunded to you before you leave the Aquapark. Remember to take it back from the Deposit Cash Desks before you return your bracelet! All bracelets are restarted right after their return and the information in them cannot be retrieved any longer!