What ages is the Aquapark appropriate for?

Aquapark Nessebar is the largest waterpark in Bulgaria. Here you will find water facilities for every age and mood, as well as many opportunities for high quality entertainment, even for guests who do not wish to use the water slides: pools, restaurants and bars, exciting show programmes and events, spa procedures, massages, etc.
In view of the safety of all our visitors some of the facilities have restrictions for age and height and are not allowed for children. You can find more detailed information HERE

Can children visit the Aquapark on their own?

No. According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, minors under 14 and those between 14 and 18 years of age have to be mandatorily accompanied by a parent, guardian or a responsible adult (a person older than 18).

Are pets allowed in the Aquapark?

No. In view of the comfort of all our visitors on the territory of the Aquapark, no pets are allowed, irrespective of their kind or size.

Are there restrictions for using the Aquapark?

Water slides are not appropriate for pregnant women. People with injuries (plaster casts, bandages, surgical sutures) are not allowed to use the attractions, nor are people suffering from infectious diseases.

It is important that you consider your health status. Using some of the facilities can be dangerous for you if have any of the following conditions: heart diseases, problems with your back, neck and back of the head, high blood pressure, chronic psychical or physiological conditions, and also if your doctors have warned you to avoid physical or emotional stress and activity!

Are special skills needed for using the slides?

No, but in view of your safety it is absolutely mandatory that you observe the instructions of the lifeguards. For some rides it is necessary that you be able to control your body and to be physically fit.

Do I have to be able to swim?

For most of the slides and water facilities it is not mandatory to be able to swim. Some slides end into a corridor, and others end into pools with a depth of up to 1.30 m. There are some facilities and slides that require skills for swimming and are with a length of up to 50 metres (diving pool, Butterfly pool, pool with waves). There are professional lifeguards taking care of the visitors’ safety for all facilities.

Are there any attractions, for which I need to pay an additional charge?

No. Using all attractions (water slides, pools and rivers, show programmes) is included in the entry fee. There is charge only for additional goods and services (lockers, safe deposit boxes, massages, food and beverages, photographic services, merchandise from the souvenir shop, etc.)

Are poolside chairs and umbrellas free of charge?

Yes. Please have in mind that the number of poolside chairs and umbrellas is limited and once those available have been taken, there is no possibility for providing additional ones. Aquapark Nessebar does not accept orders for advance reservations of poolside chairs or for the reservation of poolside chairs at certain places. If you are keen to reserve a certain place, you can rent a gazebo for extra charge HERE

Is there a parking lot and is it free of charge?

Yes. We have a free-of-charge parking lot with 120 spaces.

Are towels provided?

No. You have to bring your own towel or if you wish you can purchase a new one from the souvenir shop in the Aquapark.

Are there conditions for people with special needs?

Yes. For people with mobility impairments special parking spaces have been foreseen, there are also changing rooms and showers, which provide the required conditions for movement with aids and wheelchairs. For our youngest visitors and their parents there are stations for changing babies’ diapers.

Is there a medical station at the Aquapark?

Yes. There is a station for providing first aid and assistance for further medical aid, if necessary.

What is the appropriate outfit for using the facilities?

You will be most comfortable with a swimsuit, swimming trunks or comfortable clothes which will not impede the use of the water slides (T-shirts, shorts, leggings).

In regard of your safety and protection of the facilities trousers or T-shirts with metal accessories, zippers or buckles are not allowed, nor is jewellery or neck chains, which can damage the surface of the slides or puncture the water slide tubes.

In regard of the comfort of all our guests, who are from different nationalities, sexes, marital statuses, religions and ages, visitors in underwear, transparent swimsuits, swimming trunks or monokini are not allowed.

Is transport provided to/from the Aquapark?

Yes. All visitors from Sunny Beach, Elenite, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar and Ravda can make the most of our free-of-charge shuttles to and from the Aquapark. Only the transport from and to Pomorie is for an extra charge: 10 BGN per person for both directions.
You can find detailed information on the stops and the timetables HERE.

What time is the first/last bus to/from the Aquapark?

The first buses from Elenite, Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Ravda leave at 09:45. The interval between the buses is 20-30 minutes, and traffic can have an impact on this timetable as well.

The last buses leave after all visitors have left the Aquapark.
You can find detailed information and timetables HERE.

What do I have to bring along?

We advise that you only bring what is most necessary: swimsuit, swimming trunks, towel, sun creams, cash or card for the extra services and an ID. On the territory of the Aquapark there is a souvenir shop selling all merchandise and the most needed accessories. We do not recommend that you wear expensive jewellery or other valuable articles.

Do I have to carry an ID?

Yes. You need to have an ID to verify your identity if needed. If your pass has been purchased online, then the employees at the entrance will ask for the ID of the person who has purchased the pass.

Can I purchase a pass form the cash desk at the same price as online?

No. The types of passes and the online purchase prices are different from the ones at the cash desks of the Aquapark. The passes which you can purchase online are with an included discount.

You can see the prices of the cash desks HERE.
You can purchase a pass online HERE.

Do I have to pay for entry if I am not going to use the slides?

Yes. Aquapark Nessebar is an enormous amusement park offering a great variety of entertainment even for those who are not going to use the water slides.

What happens if it starts raining?

Your safety and security are our topmost priorities in the use of the facilities. This is why, if the weather conditions do not allow for safe use, their operation is terminated until the conditions improve. No amounts are refunded for bad weather conditions.

Where can I keep my valuables and documents?

Keeping your valuables and your documents is your responsibility. If you wish, there are safe deposit boxes and lockers at your disposal and these are paid for after you enter the Aquapark, in accordance with the following prices:

Safe deposit box: 7 BGN
Locker: 5 BGN
Deposit for key: 5 BGN per key. This is charged when you rent a safe deposit box/locker and is refunded after they have been emptied.

Aquapark Nessebar shall not be liable or responsible for lost property, valuables or documents which have not been left for safekeeping in a safe deposit box.

Where can I pay for safe deposit boxes and lockers?

The safe deposit boxes and lockers are paid upon your entry on the territory of the Aquapark.

How are the extra services in the Aquapark paid for?

You can pay for your entry pass in cash or by credit/debit card. However, on the territory of the Aquapark the only method of payment is your water resistant electronic bracelet which gives you access to the facilities. It serves as a deposit card and you can put in it the amounts of your choice.

After that you can use it for paying all extra services (food and beverages, safe deposit boxes, lockers, etc.).
You can check the outstanding balance in the bracelet at the main entrance monitor at any time. You can also make further deposits in it at any time, if the amounts run out.

The bracelets are water resistant and must not be removed for the whole period of your stay. For a lost or damaged bracelet, a fine of 20 BGN is due.

How do I charge amounts into my electronic bracelet?

Deposits into the bracelet can be made at the Deposit Cash Desks (in cash or by debit/credit card). If you have not used the whole amount, then the outstanding sum will be refunded to you in cash when you leave the Aquapark, in Bulgarian lev, at the Deposit Cash Desk as well. Do not forget to take it back before you return your bracelet! All bracelets are restarted immediately after they are returned and the information in them cannot be retrieved any longer!

Do you take payments with credit/debit card?

Yes. For purchasing a pass and for charging a deposit amount into the electronic bracelets you can pay either in cash or by debit or credit card.

Can I leave the Aquapark and return again later?

Yes. During your stay you can leave the territory of the Aquapark and for this purpose our employee at the entrance will take your electronic bracelet and will give you a numbered card; by handng it over upon your return you will have your bracelet back.

Can I bring in my own food or drink?

No. We abide by stringent safety standards for food and beverages on the territory of the park, which is why bringing in such from outside the park is not allowed. There is an exception for baby food only.

At the entrance security guards check the luggage of all visitors for weapons, glass objects, food or beverages. If such are found, the guards will keep them until you leave the park and will return them to you on when you are leaving.

If you insist on consuming your own food or beverages, you can leave the park and return later.

Are any drinks or food offered at the Aquapark?

Yes. On the territory of the Aquapark there are bars and fast food restaurants offering different food, salads, ice cream, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

Can I use a camera, a telephone, a selfie stick or similar equipment while sliding down the water slides?

No. In view of safety using mobile phones, cameras, selfies sticks and other devices while using the water slides or facilities is not allowed.

Can I cancel a pass purchased in advance?

Yes. If your pass has been purchased online through the website of Aquapark Nessebar, you can cancel it within 48 hours after receiving it at your e-mail address by writing to us at the specified e-mail address to state your wish for cancellation.

If your pass has been purchased from a tour operator or another partner of ours, then you will have to address them.

If the pass bears a date for using, can I use it on another day?

Yes. All passes purchased online are valid for the respective year and can be used on any day of the season, during which Aquapark Nessebar is open for visitors, in view of the type of the pass and the terms and conditions specified on it.

For season 2022 the Aquapark will be open for visitors from 30.05. to 15.09. inclusive.

Can I return a pass if the weather is bad?

No. If the weather conditions are bad on the day when you have planned a visit to the Aquapark, you can use the pass for another day.
If the weather conditions deteriorate while you are on the territory of the park, refunds or replacements of passes for another day are not possible.

What shall I do if someone keeps bothering me or if they behave improperly?

If you are being disturbed by the behaviour of a visitor, please avoid personal confrontation and turn to the nearest employees or to the security guards on the territory of the Aquapark (at the entrance).

Security guards have the right to lead anyone breaking security rules, demonstrating indecent behaviour or aggression or visibly intoxicated out of the territory of the park.

What do I do if I find that I have lost or forgotten property on the territory of the Aquapark?

Please contact us while still on the territory of the Aquapark or later on the following telephone number: +359 88 520 8055. We shall do anything within our power to find what you have lost or forgotten but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will succeed. This also applies to belongings left behind after emptying the safe deposit box/locker

Is it safe to use water slides and facilities?

All facilities in Aquapark Nessebar have been designed and constructed in compliance with the most stringent safety standards. Still, some of them are extreme and their use carries certain risks. By using these facilities, you accept the natural risk as a person responsible for their own actions and in accordance with your own assessment. It is mandatory that you abide by the rules and observe restrictions specified on the special boards at each facility, as well as the instructions of the Aquapark employees.

How can I receive the photographs which I have seen on the board?

The photographs are taken and paid in cash or by card on the spot, on the day of your visit. The digital files with photographs, as well as printed photographs, are kept for a period of 14 days after being taken, after which they are destroyed. You can receive the digital file only if you purchase a printed photograph. If you wish you can leave your photographs at the studio for safekeeping and purchase them on another day convenient for you. For more information, please contact the studio at
Please send an inquiry to the specified email address and an employee of the studio will reply within 1 week.

What is the water in the pools and rivers and what is its temperature?

The water in our pools is fresh, NOT seawater. We do not warm it up so its temperature depends on the weather and climate for the respective months. The average water temperatures are as follows:

May: 18-19°С | June: 19-22°С | July: 24-25°C | August: 27-29°C | September: 19-22°C

The depth of the pool is also of significance for the water temperature: children’s pools warm up faster than those which are deeper.

Do security guards have the right to inspect my luggage?

Yes. No food or beverages are allowed on the territory of Aquapark Nessebar (with the exception of water), nor are glass items or weapons. In order to provide safety, security guards inspect the luggage of each visitor. In case there are items and articles that are not allowed, security is entitled to seize those and have them for safekeeping until you leave the Aquapark. On their way out the visitors can have the seized items and articles back.