Using “cookies”
“Cookies” are short text files or small packages of information stored through your Internet browser of your end device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) when you are visiting different Internet websites and pages. The main purpose of the cookies is to make the user recognisable when they return to website again. Some “cookies” have a more specific application, as for instance to memorise user behaviour of the website and to facilitate the user when using the website. You can find more information on how “cookies” function on the Internet.

How are “cookies” used in this website?
We use “cookies’ for this website mainly for the purpose of facilitating the usability of the website, improving its operation and storing information on user behaviour. In this process no personal data is stored, i.e. through the website “cookies” we cannot identify you as a person, which is why the Personal Data Protection Act does not apply to the gathering of this information. The information gathered by the “cookies” is usually used summarised in view of analysing user behaviour of the website, which allows us to improve the functionality of the website, user pathways and the content used.

What “cookies” does this website use?
Session “cookies”
This type of “cookies” facilitates you in using the website by storing information temporarily, only within the framework of the session of the browser used. Usually the information stored through them is what goods or services you have added to your trolley, which website pages you have visited and how you have accessed certain information. These “cookies” do not gather information from your end device and are automatically deleted when you leave the website or terminate the session of your browser.

Permanent “cookies”
They give us possibility to store specific information on surfing, such as analysing website visits, how you have reached the website, what pages you have looked through, what options you have chosen and where you have oriented to. Tracing this information gives us the possibility to make improvements in the website, including to correct errors and to extend content. The time period for storing this type of “cookies” varies in accordance with their specific function.

Third party “Cookies”
On our website there are references to other websites or content incorporated from other websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, partners’ websites. It is possible, during the visits to these websites or while opening content from them, for “cookies” from these websites to be stored. These “cookies” exactly are defined as “third party cookies” and we do not have control over the generation and management of these “cookies”. This is why we advise you to search for information about them and about how they manage the websites of the respective third parties.

How can I manage the usage of “cookies” by this website?
All browsers allow the management of “cookies” by a file especially created for this purpose on your browser. You can block the receiving of “cookies”, you can delete them all or a part of them or you can adjust your settings for preferences with regard to using “cookies” before you initiate a visit to our website. Please have in mind that deleting or blocking “cookies” can have a negative impact on the functions of our website, and hence on your user experience as a whole.

Turning off or blocking “cookies”
Controlling, turning off or blocking “cookies” is managed by your browser settings. Please keep in mind that the complete prohibition of all “cookies” can reflect on the functional performance of the website, its efficiency and the access to certain information.

Схема на шатрите на Аквапарк Несебър
Each gazebo can accommodate up to 8 people, and its rent according to the chosen menu includes:

Summer Time

Price: 120 BGN

The Hangover

Price: 130 BGN

Paradise Island

Price: 140 BGN

Wild, Wild West

Price: 160 BGN