Dear friends, guests of Aquapark Nesebar,

Dedicated to our vocation to complete your dream holiday, to evoke positive emotions, and to leave unforgettable memories, we are ready to meet you again with faith and hope in the day of tomorrow!
Our guests’ and employees’ safety and comfort have been our topmost priority.

As our guests you trust us, visiting the Aquapark every season and we feel obliged to meet your expectations for a wonderful and safe holiday.

Following all the measures and recommendations of the World Health Organization, World Organization for Tourism with the UN and the other respective international organizations, as well as the local authorities, including the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, etc., we continue to keep the required precautions in connection with preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All our employees receive instructions and training on how to work and we shall continue to follow the recommendations and directions of the government, health care authorities and medical specialists on a daily basis and we shall make sure the work process is in compliance with them.


In short, here are the measures we have undertaken:

– Observance of strict personal hygiene and social distancing from the team and the servicing personnel;
– Aquapark Nesebar has the required disinfectants and protective equipment;
– The frequency, manner and means for cleaning of the common parts are in accordance with the highest standards and requirements;
– The required changes have been made of separate services offered in Nesebar Aquapark in order for us to provide your comfort and peace to the utmost.

In this unprecedented situation for us all we are even more focused on providing care, confidence and comfort of all visitors and employees.
We remain at your disposal for any additional questions. We are expecting you!

Aquapark Nessebar`s team




1. Appropriate protective clothing/equipment will be worn by all employees in accordance with their roles and responsibilities and in compliance with government or local regulations and instructions.
2. The training on the correct use and disposal of all protective equipment shall be mandatory.
3. All employees on the territory of Aquapark Nessebar are provided with the appropriate protective equipment according to their role and responsibilities, which are used until leaving the site.
4. Use of gloves by all employees whose duties in accordance with medical experts require wearing of such.
5. In view of guaranteeing the observance of social distance Aquapark Nesebar shall monitor the number of visitors for achieving the specified capacity.


Sale of tickets, vouchers purchased in advance, safe deposit boxes/lockers, entry on the territory of Aquapark Nesebar
1. Sale of entry tickets – the employees shall work with gloves, and in the places where there is no protective screen, they will be wearing masks.
2. Serving visitors with prepaid vouchers/tickets – the employees will work with gloves, and in the places where there is not protective screen, they will be wearing masks.
3. Deposit cash desks – the employees will work with gloves, and in the places where there is no screen – with masks.
4. Safe deposit boxes and lockers – the employees will work with gloves, and in the places where there is no protective screen – they will be wearing masks.
5. Souvenir shops, photo services – the employees will work with gloves, and in the places where there is no screen, the employees will be wearing masks.
6. The bracelets that the visitors will receive upon entering will be disinfected at the end of the day when they are given back.
7. In front of each cash desk there will be markers guaranteeing the observance of the 1.5-metre distance.
8. n front of every site where clients are services a dispenser with disinfectant will be placed.

Entering the territory of Aquapark Nesebar
1. The visitors will be allowed to enter the territory through a tripod turnstile.
2. When the visitors pass through, their baggage will be checked for carrying prohibited objects, weapons, etc.
– The employees checking the visitors will work with gloves and masks;
– After the tripod turnstiles dispensers with disinfectant will be placed;
– The employees checking the visitors’ baggage will work with gloves and masks.
– Gloves will be changed every 60 minutes, masks and protective face shields will be cleaned

Information for visitors
1. Employees providing information to visitors before and after their entering the territory of the Aquapark – it is recommended to wear masks, which are not mandatory when working outdoors and keeping the appropriate distance.
2. Employees offering advertising and information leaflets on the territory of the holiday resort is recommended to wear masks, which are not mandatory when working outdoors and keeping the appropriate distance.

Life guards and inspectors for using facilities
1. Employees controlling the traffic of sliding at the water slides if possible, observe the required distance of 1.5 m.
2. Employees monitoring for accidents (life guards):
– Have to observe a distance of at least 1.5 m from the visitors:
– Have to control the observance of distance at the pools and rivers;
– In case of accidents they have to observe the requirement for giving first aid in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Red Cross.
3. At each site with slides dispensers with disinfectant will be placed.
4. For the distance to each slide markers will be placed guaranteeing the distance between the visitors. These markers will be placed on the stairs as well, where there are such.

Fast food establishments and bars
1. All establishments in the Aquapark are outdoors. The precautions valid for fast food establishments, bars, and restaurants will apply, namely:
– Arrangement of tables in compliance with the requirements for observing distance;
– Kitchen personnel will work with protective equipment: gloves and masks;
– Employees servicing the clients will work with gloves and masks;
– Counter tops where food is delivered to clients will be disinfected every 60 minutes;
– Tables and chairs will be disinfected after each client;
– Not more than 4 people or 1 family can sit at one table;
– Gazebos, pavilions, etc. can be used by one family;
– In front of every stall there are markers meant to provide the observance of the distance between the visitors.

Changing rooms/Lockers
1. Precautions valid for maintenance of toilets and changing rooms for outdoor pools, namely:
2. Changing rooms:
– Cleaning all common areas with disinfectant once every 60 minutes, and/or after each visitor has left;
3. Toilet and shower cabins:
– Permanent disinfectant once every 30 minutes, and this must obstruct visitors’ traffic;

Pools and rivers
1. All water facilities comply with the requirements for providing the sustenance of residual free chlorine in the water of 0.4-0.5 mg/litre.

The maintenance of common parts, poolside chairs, equipment for using water facilities.
1. Common parts, sites, open stages
– All common parts are washed with steam-jet cleaners before opening and after closing the Aqua Park.
2. Poolside chairs and umbrellas
– The arrangement of the poolside chairs and the umbrellas is in compliance with the requirement for observing social distance of at least 1.5 m between the poolside chairs.
– Each poolside chair is cleaned with disinfectant after it has finally been vacated.
– Under one umbrella there cannot be more than 2 people or 1 family.
– Slide tubes, life vests for sliding down the slides, pools and rivers are disinfected every day before opening and closing the Aquapark.

1. Free transport of Aquapark Nesebar: Visitors are driven to/from the Aquapark in compliance with the requirement for public transport traffic, namely:
– All passengers have to be wear masks while the transportation vehicle travels;
– The number of passengers in the transportation vehicle will be in accordance with the number of seats:
– In each vehicle a dispenser with disinfectant is placed;
– The vehicle driver is wearing a mask while driving the passengers;
– The vehicles are disinfected between two plies, namely floor, windows, seats, handles.
2. Visitors’ transport. There are parking lots (free one and a paid one) at the disposal of the visitors, and these are washed and disinfected daily.

1. Each visitor has to comply with safety precautions under the conditions for open spaces and shall not take advantage or willfully aim at discrediting the site.
2. The employees are entitled to lead any visitor who blatantly breaches the precautions for safety and hygiene out of the territory of Aquapark Nesebar.
3. At the entrance of Aquapark Nesebar notices instructing on the observance of safety precautions are placed.
4. If possible, audio messages will be played once every two hours reminding of the necessity of observing the precautions for hygiene and distance.
5. In case there are animation programmes, these will be held in accordance with requirement of physical distance outdoors.
6. On the territory of Aquapark Nesebar there is an exam room for first aid and, together with the current measures, it will take additional and necessary actions in case symptoms are manifested by an employee or a visitor.
7. All employees will be trained in the observance of sanitary and hygiene precautions.
8. All employees will be briefed daily as a reminder, and before work starts an inspection will be made for the used protective equipment.
9. For all units check lists will be drawn up where the respective disinfection activity that has been performed will be specified.


Please let us not forget that health protection is a shared responsibility! It is for this reason precisely that we turn to you with the following recommendations in the name of our mutual safety:

1. Each one of you, as a visitor to Aquapark Nesebar, has to observe the rules for personal disinfection.
2. Please observe social distance even when no markers have been placed.
3. Please read the information on safety rules on the notice boards installed at the entrance of the Aquapark.
4. After using disposable packaging and supplies these have to be discarded in the places for waste and litter right after they have been used.
5. When you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth.
6. Please use disposable tissues to remove secretions and discard them in the respective places for waste and litter after use.